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Accounts Managment System


Eureka Web Soilutions offers unique accounting solutions for your growing business. You can gain a competitive edge with a unique, modified version of our ERP software. By tailor customizing solutions for our clients’ needs, we provide a uniquely personal approach to accounting and finance. We help small and midsize businesses develop organization and efficiency in streamlining their daily operations. By succeeding at what we do best, our firm can be both a complement and an asset to our client’s businesses.

The GMS Accounting and Financial Management/Reporting System is not a traditional commercial accounting. Our software is designed, from the ground up, to meet the highly specialized requirements of various organizations.

Our underlying system design is entity-wide providing you an integrated accounting system that performs all accounting activities:

  • General Ledger
  • Cash Receipts
  • General Journal
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cost Allocation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Timesheet Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Security features.

This accounting practice management software is a comprehensive system, designed to meet the needs of today’s professionals. A proven product, AMS not only offers standard time and billing, it helps you operate your entire practice at peak productivity with real-time access to essential firm, staff, and client information. You can access your system at anywhere anytime to manage your business at just your fingertips because FS Accounting System is such an ease to use web base system.

With FS Accounting System, you can just spend your time on what you do without struggling with complicated software on understand how it works.

What wait for, come to experience yourself with our online accounting system.

Key Features

Stable Data ControlProtect from database damage while multi-users access same data at a same time.
Spreadsheet and PDF Integration FS AMS support data export to spreadsheet and PDF format.
Multi-Branches Transactions and reports are control separate by branches, you can easily access your branches data by one simple click.
Multi-Layer Permission Control You can control modules and functions accessible permission base on your staff position and level.
Chart of Account Four level chart of account enable you view and manage your accounts easily and clearly.
Bank Reconciliation Simple cheque matching with tick box function. Support backward bank reconciliation statement.
General Ledger Double entry journal ledger allow you reduce human error.
User Friendly Payment / Receipt Knockoff invoices is so easy within your fingertips.
Debit Note / Credit Note User friendly input screen for you to create debit note or credit note if any additional add on or customer return.


General Ledger

  • Print journal voucher
  • Print bank reconciliation report
  • Print payment voucher
  • Print payment summary
  • Print receipt
  • Print receipt summary
  • Print sales analysis
  • Print yearly sales analysis
  • Print balance sheet (single period)
  • Print balance sheet with horizontal analysis (duo period)
  • Print balance sheet with chart
  • Print balance sheet (multiple months comparison)
  • Print income statement (single period)
  • Print income statement with horizontal analysis (duo period)
  • Print income statement with chart
  • Print income statement (multiple months comparison)
  • Print general ledger
  • Print transaction listing
  • Print trial balance

Account Receivable

  • Sales invoice listing
  • Sales summary
  • Debit note listing
  • Credit note listing
  • Statement
  • Aging report

Account Payable

  • Sales invoice listing
  • Sales summary
  • Debit note listing
  • Credit note listing
  • Statement
  • Aging report

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