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Website Maintanance and Support


Insanely Reliable WordPress Support

We are there when you need us. Eureka Web Solutions is a client-service focused website maintenance company supporting sites based on the WordPress content management system. Our process is communications focused – never leaving you, the client, in the dark to the status of your latest job or issue. Our job is to close out tasks in a reasonable amount of time and to ensure that your online presence stays up, secure and stable. We offer several security and web support focused plans and provide enterprise-grade hosting as well.

  • We’ll monitor your site for up/down and performance issues
  • We’ll keep your website up to date and secure
  • We’ll provide on-call web support services

What does it cost?

We have two options:

  • Ad-hoc / Pay As You Go website support
    This works well for many of our customers giving you the option to pay an hourly rate of £35 for any required system updates, content changes, search engine optimisation or any other type of changes/fixes required on your website as and when you need.

    There is a minimum one hour charge of £35 for any type of update, however, we will accrue the time spent on your account over a calendar month which means if you use less than an hour you will be charged the full £35 but anytime over the hour is charged by the minute, for example an extra 30 minutes would cost you £17.50, we do not continue to round up for each change.

  • Monthly website maintenance packages
    This option provides website hosting, weekly website backups and two hours per month for updates, fixes or any type of content changes, the cost starts from £69 per month. Additional time is then charged at a reduced rate of £30 per hour, again charged by the minute.

    A monthly plan is more cost effective if you have frequent updates and means we will update your website without requests from you, ensuring systems like Joomla or WordPress are kept up to date, along with any plugins or extensions.

Benefits of a monthly maintenance package

  • Priority on requests
  • Managed website hosting
  • Backups stored safely off-site
  • New features and functions added as and when they are needed
  • We’ll inform you if things are getting a little outdated and help with updating content with your input
  • Advice on improvements to your site as we keep abreast of the latest innovations

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